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The Hustead Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, was started in 1996 when Patrick Q. Hustead left the partnership of one of Denver's largest law firms to start a top-flight litigation boutique.

Our mission is simple - the attorneys at The Hustead Law Firm bring the same thing to their clients that they bring to a jury: sincerity, credibility and the truth.

The Hustead Law Firm will analyze your case, and if your case has defects, you will be the first to know.  Those are cases to settle.  Those are not cases to take to trial.

If your case is a winner, you will also be the first to know.  In a trial it is a “win” if the verdict puts your client in a better position than what could have been achieved by accepting the opposition’s best settlement offer.  On this score, The Hustead Law Firm’s trial record is impeccable; they have never lost a trial. 

Trial lawyers winning against all odds are myths that have little place in any client’s risk portfolio.  Jurors are too smart for that.  They can smell the truth.  They are rightly offended by trial “tricks”, smokescreens and incompetence.  Therefore, like the rare doctor that is uncannily skilled in making a difficult diagnosis, a law firm’s greatest asset is its ability to divine the winners from the losers – early.  This is where The Hustead Law Firm excels.  We settle the cases that a jury will not buy.  And we get excited about trying cases where our client is right.

It is a rare combination in the medical field to find a doctor who is not only a skilled diagnostician, but also a meticulous surgeon.  A well prepared and skilled trial lawyer is similarly elusive.  The Hustead Law Firm excels at preparation and technical trial skills.  Simmer these qualities in a pot with sincerity and credibility, add a winning case, and you have the recipe for The Hustead Law Firm’s unbroken string of successes in both trials and appeals.

Unlike many lawyers today, The Hustead Law Firm takes no unreasonable positions.  The firm does not expend its client’s precious economic resources in advancing losing theories.  Conviction is the heart of sincerity, and sincerity is the heart of credibility.  The Firm shoots straight and that is the hallmark of its reputation.


American Modern Insurance Group
Auto-Owner’s Insurance
Berkley Insurance Company
Bluestone Surety
The Cincinnati Insurance Company
Companion Insurance Company
Continental Western Group
Crum & Forster
EMC Insurance Companies
Far West Insurance Company

Fidelity and Deposit Co. of Maryland
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
Granite Re
Great American Insurance Company
The Hartford
HCC Insurance Holdings and Surety Group
Hanover Surety
Insurance Company of the West
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Merchants Bonding Company (Mutual)
National American Insurance Company

Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
RLI Insurance
RSUI Group, Inc.
Star Insurance Company a/k/a Connecticut Surety Insurance Co.
Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America
Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London
United Fire and Casualty Company
Vigilant Insurance Company
Westchester Insurance Company, Inc.
Zurich North America

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