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Kevin – Legal Assistant:  Kevin moved to Colorado from New York. He is hard working and efficient.   Without a doubt, he shows a great attitude and is a good influence for all of us at HLF.

Cristian – Paralegal: Cristian came to The Hustead Law Firm with over 15 years of legal experience. She is hard-working and dedicated to producing the best quality of work and has a great attitude to match.

Rosie – Legal Assistant: Rosie began her legal career with a paralegal certification and an internship with the Denver Public Defender’s Office. With an attributing gymnastics background, Rosie is quick on her feet and likes to approach work with a high level of determination.

Yesica – Legal Assistant 

Raymond – Paralegal 

Shannon – Paralegal 

Tina – Legal Assistant 

Jenna – Legal Assistant 

Caryn Ann – Paralegal 


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