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          At The Hustead Law Firm, complex commercial litigation is our bread and butter. When your business is attacked, we will protect it. When it has been wronged, we will make it right. Due to our varied backgrounds, we bring a wide variety of experience to the table: real estate disputes, protection of trade secrets, interference with contractual and business relations, trademark and copyright infringement, unfair-competition claims, class actions, collections, creditor's rights and lender liability.

          Remember, the issue is not whether your attorneys understand the specific field - they can learn that. The question you should ask is how well do they know the tactics of civil litigation? Are they any good on their feet? Do they have the stomach for a fight? Then call us.

          Our preparation is meticulous. We stay focused on the trial at all times. If there are high stakes involved, we know how to use the best resources the legal market can deliver, from high tech animations to the most sophisticated jury consultants.

          Please see the HLF Territory Map for an idea as to where we work. We do not charge for travel time to the location of a case outside Colorado. We become the local law firm.

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